blogs/google_large.jpg So it’s true, we’re in a bit of a mini-recession. I know, I know, every time someone says it the problem only gets worse, but it is important to pay attention to it and not stick our heads in the sand. What we’ve been experiencing is that in these tougher times, it’s part of our role to ensure your marketing spend is going as far as possible and that might mean reallocating your budget.

If you traditionally spend a lot of money on print and direct mail, then maybe now is the time to try out a lower cost method of message delivery, in the form of email marketing. Similarly, if you spend a lot of money on telesales that aren’t performing, maybe it’s time to allocate some of that budget to search engine optimisation to drive further traffic to the 24/7 silent salesperson that is your website.

Now is the time to really step up to investigating new possibilities to drive your marketing forwards cost-effectively. Cutting back will only exacerbate the tough times. The only way to get through it is to market yourself more and hence sell more.