blogs/touching_big.gif At Blueleaf we like to talk about the ‘touching points’ of the brand – the disparate times where a consumer or potential consumer has any kind of interaction with the brand, whether it’s an phone call, email, website visit, store visit, letter, etc.

One of the things to be aware of however is the nature of these touching points. Many companies, especially large multi nationals, strive to automate and cut down on actual human work where possible via speech recognition, number based phone menu systems, email only support, website help, etc. What these companies and all companies need to be aware of is a very simple rule:

The fewer the occasions of human interaction between company and consumer, the more important it is when an actual human interaction takes place.

If I have just been through ten numbered phone menus and searched your FAQ’s for the answer to my issue and eventually am now being transferred to an operator – how important do you think that it is that this interaction is successful? It’s make or break time.

So if you’re considering automating a lot of your support or any other systems via your website or any other means – make sure that any times where there is human contact are beyond superb for the consumer or you could lose customers very quickly.