Last year, we told you how delighted we were to be working with leading school supplies retailer, TTS Group, on the optimisation of their website on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. Well the last few months have seen some great results from the work we've done so we thought it was time we shared the achievements - here's a quick run-down of some of the work we've done:

'Email My Basket' Functionality

TTS Group needed the ability for teachers to browse the website, add items to their basket and then email their basket to another person to view and amend if necessary. If prices had changed or products become unavailable, these changes would be shown in the basket. This is key for them where so many educational establishments have bursars or finance that need to sign off or review purchases.

Many Improvements to Product List Pages

A few improvements were needed to the functionality and design of the Product List Pages - it had been identified that conversion from these pages had fallen in previous months, despite an increase in visitors to these pages. The changes implemented included:

  • increasing the number of products per row on mobile to reduce scrolling
  • increasing the default number of products per page and adding a quick link to view all relevant products
  • making it clearer where products come in different colours by adding colour swatches
  • changing the look of was/now pricing and quick view

There are already signs of the work having an impact on business for TTS Group - the uptake of ‘email my basket’ is positive and has provided over 5 figures of incremental revenue from customers using this new functionality end to end in a very short time period. Also, in the first few days of the improvements to the Product List Pages, 12% of all clicks on these pages were from the new ‘add to basket’ button. Results on mobile are also positive, with more people adding to basket, conversion being higher and average order value increasing by 38%.

Additional Content Slots on Homepage

To make it easier for TTS Group to manage content on their website, we created additional content slots on the homepage. A really simple and quick win, but makes a big difference for day to day workflow.

Adding New Attributes to the Product Detail Pages

TTS Group needed to include additional attributes to their products, including product RRP and publisher - this would sit alongside the current product information on the product detail pages. This ongoing enhancement makes it easier for customers to be sure of what they’re buying.

We’re really happy to be helping TTS grow their ecommerce with incremental new revenue and uplifts in the conversion of the site. It goes to show that you can gradually make a site better and better month on month and have a large overall effect without big bang releases and site redesigns that can still be popular as a way to grow. To look back on the site 12 months ago to now, we’re proud of the work we’ve achieved together.