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Can't believe that it's time to head out to Corsica. I have butterflies, I rode my training bike last night and my legs were like jelly, no power in them at all, it's weird. I'm not worried, it's just a nervous tension. It really kicked in on Tuesday when I dropped my bike off with a guy in a van on the motorway, for him to drive all the way to Corsica. I hope he takes it steady and sleeps in the van.  Strangely enough while handing my bike over, another guy dropping his bike off lived only a mile away from me. Martin Jones, doing the 3 days in Corsica.

So what am I expecting? Well, it's not going to be easy, let's be honest, however I can only control some things.  I can't control the weather, the terrain, other people. But I can control what I eat, drink and think about.  If I get these things right, I will give it my best.

Live tracking is starting from Saturday on . In the meantime, here's a quick video of some of my training! Adrians Tour De France preview

Please support me where you can - it will help to keep my thoughts positive. Thanks everyone for all your support.