You may remember our blog from August, where we shared our excitement and pride that seven Blueleaf clients were included in Internet Retailing’s highly-coveted list of the Top 500 retailers in the UK.

Well, we’re simply bursting with pride to say that three of these clients have also been included in the publication’s first ever European ranking - which in the words of Internet Retailing is “a performance ranking of Europe’s Top 500 ecommerce and multichannel retailers.”

Here’s who’s included:  

  • Top 100 – Next

  • Top 250 - Laura Ashley

  • Top 500 – Jacques Vert

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As with the UK list, this European ranking looks at these retailers in great depth. Internet Retailing say:

“the cross-channel retail landscape is more complex than merely ‘having a website’ or ‘operating a store’, especially when considering companies at a pan-European level. In choosing which companies to include in the IREU Top 500, 2016, we have considered companies’ intent, capabilities and activities around the recruitment and monetisation of customers.”

Assessment is carried out against the following criteria: 

Footprint: online and offline revenue, web engagement and the store estate of retailer

Customer: websites were tested for speed as well as the more subjective ease of navigation and search relevance, which were likely to contribute to customer satisfaction.

Operations and Logistics: measuring the service promise for deliveries, returns and collections.

Merchandising: considered whether retailers enable customers to find the product quickly, and then understand it through relevant images, information and third-party reviews and ratings. Newness of stock was also considered.

Brand Engagement: assessed how retailers connected brands with the customer, through social media, direct marketing engagement and search visibility.  

Mobile and Cross-Channel Dimension: considered how mobile websites were optimised and the use of mobile apps. Cross-channel links were analysed through the availability if product collection and drop-off returns.

Strategy and innovation: the extent to which the retailer is adapting for growth, international commerce, and embracing innovative approaches.

So no stone was left unturned, making inclusion in this ranking a real honour. Congratulations to our, well-deserving clients.

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