For many years, marketing has been very much about creative campaigns that capture the imagination and attention of the public to encourage them to engage with the company in some way. Recently it’s come to my attention that some of the very best marketing campaigns are based on operations at the core of the business. The idea being that some part of your internal operations is made transparent to your customer and in so doing, driving loyalty and sales.

Take Blueleaf for example. We use a tool called ‘Building Outstanding Brands’ to find out the real weaknesses and strengths of a brand’s current marketing strategy to find where we can make the most difference within their marketing budget. We had always used a form of this internally however we didn’t really shout about it that much. Now, we have centralised a lot of our marketing based on making this process transparent and more formalised, and it’s been and will continue to be a great success for us, because it adds so much value to our offering. The important thing is that we are sharing the process with our clients instead of hiding it!

So my question is: What part of your operations should you turn into a marketing push?