Here at Blueleaf we have a saying that's really made a difference to our business: "Small things done consistently well produce extraordinary results"

So we were delighted when we recently came across an article online that supports our thinking. We often say that we're 'obsessed with service' here at Blueaf - we like to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and ask ourselves what really matters to them, trying to always go the extra mile. Things like would they prefer to be kept up-to-date by phone or email? Would they like a progress report on their project every day or once a week? Even remembering how they take their tea or coffee!

And we carry this thinking through by asking our clients to put themselves in the shoes of their customers. What would really make a difference to them? If they're launching a new retail site, would customers like to have free deliveries or would a free returns service be more beneficial to them? How about if they received a free gift with their order? Something that would really make them feel valued.

I remember one company I used to work with always sent sweets out with their invoices - we were happy to receive their invoices as we knew we would always get sweets! Something really small but it always made us smile.

So this week's tip focuses on thinking about how you can go the extra mile to improve the experience your customers have. Read the article in full here and if you have any examples of companies you think have done something exceptional, we'd love to hear - call us on 01829 260 600 or email us at