I've recently discovered the clothing and accessories website asos.com. Now I know most of you females out there will be amazed that it's taken me this long to find it, especially anyone who knows how many handbags I have! But it took the website to be mentioned on Radio 1 (who says you can't advertise on the BBC?) before I ventured to have a look.

The website itself is easy to use, with clear navigation and a search box so I could quickly find the handbag Jo Whiley had been discussing. It was easy to find out about returns and delivery charges, very important for online shopping and easy to register on the site.

I've since read in the marketing press that ASOS has seen sales rise by 47% in the last six months (to the end of September) and they now have 1.2 million active customers. I guess their offering of ‘designer clothes at discounted prices' is hitting the mark with customers who might have cut down their clothing spend but still want to indulge in retail therapy every now and again.

What ASOS also do well, carrying on from Mark's blog, is social CRM or whatever we want to call it this week. They're on Twitter and Facebook and even have their own community where fellow shoppers can interact. Combine that with word of mouth, especially via channels such as national radio, and their awareness levels will continue to rise.