Whilst it’s great to welcome the return of Woolworths, I wonder if it will really be a success online?
As a kid, part of the attraction (if not all) of going into Woolworths was the pick ‘n’ mix and it’s good to see that this has been included in their online offering, but it’s not the same really is it? Having to wait a few days for your pick ‘n’ mix to arrive when you want it there and then.
And you seem to have to set up different accounts to shop on different parts of the website – not exactly user-friendly. If you buy something from the main store and then want to buy something from the entertainment store, you need to checkout from the main store first. I just want to be able to go around the store, put things in my basket and then go to one checkout, as I used to when I visited the actual store – is that too much to ask? An online shopping experience needs to be as easy as possible or people just give up – well I certainly do!
I wish Woolworths every success – I’m delighted to see the brand return – but please make it easy for us to buy.