I recently visited Raymond Blanc’s Michelin starred restaurant, Le Manoir in Oxford and as I hadn’t visited before, I decided to follow them on Twitter so I could get an insight into what to expect from the experience. I sent them a Tweet to say I was very much looking forward to my stay and they promptly replied, asking me to get in touch the day before we were due to go. When we arrived we were informed that we had been upgraded to a suite. Not wanting to question this too much, I didn’t ask why!

During dinner, the General Manager came over to our table to introduce himself as the face behind Twitter. He is solely responsible for every Tweet that is sent and our upgrade was down to him.

This is a great example firstly of the power of Twitter and secondly of how operating it yourself on a personal level works really well. Had their marketing department been responsible for social media, I doubt we’d have received the same response. So, to achieve great results from your social media, ensure key decision makers are involved. We will certainly visit again and I have shouted about our experience on Twitter, Facebook and to anyone that will listen.