Last month, our Strategy Director Jonathon Palmer delivered a talk at the popular London Web Meet- Ups gathering. His talk, titled “The Power of Branding in the Multi-channel World” received rave reviews, so we wanted to share the video with you.  

A bit of background on Jonathon first; he’s worked in branding, communication and digital media for nearly 20 years and is fascinated by the pace of change and how technology and marketing are evolving. He enjoys working with companies to help them thrive online by inspiring their audiences to act, whether that’s to buy, share or simply engage.

Over to Jonathon to tell you a little more about his talk...

Brands are amazing things, which play a major role in our lives whether we like it or not.  Great brands can inspire cult-like loyalty from their fans, who often make them part of their own sense of identity.  At the same time there are brands out there that are just landfill waiting to happen. 

However it’s easy for us to overlook the power of brands as we strive to develop smarter technology and smarter ways of living life or doing business.

Within the world of digital commerce, retailers can sometimes fail to see the value of their own brands when the focus of the business is on driving sales.  For brands and manufacturers who are starting to sell directly to the consumer their brand can be their biggest asset for creating buy-in for this new relationship.

In the presentation I gave at London Web Meet Ups, I outlined how we’re entering a new era of brand communication and highlighted a number of ways that brands can not only survive but thrive in this new environment.

You can see the video here