This is one of the biggest points that I had a realisation on at the Future of Digital Marketing conference last week. Now I'm only 26, so I'm still very much in the loop technology-wise and being a bit of a techy helps too.

However, there's an important thing that marketeers don't just have to know, they need to understand, and it’s this – the current intake going into universities (i.e. tomorrow’s professionals) do not remember a time before the mobile phone and do not remember a time before the Internet. It is second nature to them. 5 year olds who cannot write sentences properly can use iPhones to browse pictures and listen to music. It's ingrained, heavily, into culture.

There are many countries who have skipped the traditional Internet all together. Most of the Far East such as China, India and Japan do not use the Internet based model we know of desktop computers or laptops, they consume most of their Internet media via phones. A trend that thanks to the iPhone, G1 and Blackberry, is an increasingly common trait here too.

Which brings me to the point. What are you doing about mobile consumption for your market?