Blueleaf MD Rob Smith has a busy May and June ahead of him. He's sharing his insights about ecommerce, customers and the retail as a whole at various industry events - one of these events is The Future of Shopping, delivered by The Market Creative, a retail and branding consultancy. 

Ahead of the event, which takes place on 11th June, we caught up with their Business Development Manager Nikita Lewis about why they're running this event and what attendees can expect to gain from attending. 

Over to Nikita...

The importance of retail industry events

We should all consider attending events, conferences and tradeshows within our industries. This is especially important in the retail industry as it moves so quickly. 

There are a number of advantages to this; firstly, it's undoubtedly harder than ever to engage with people in their busy daily routine. Industry events give attendees the chance to make these valuable connections face-to-face, whilst gaining valuable expert insights. 

Gaining insights

These insights are invaluable for both your business and your clients’ business. It's so easy to become swamped by your daily 'to do' list, not taking the time to stop and think about moving things forward. Learnings from a conference help to provoke the spark required for fresh, strategic and creative thinking.  There is a reason they say knowledge is power and what better way to learn than from key industry influencers, all in one place on one day.  The insights shared in their talks are often much more honest and candid than those in white papers and reports. 

What's more, hearing an expert's talk sparks conversation among attendees and sometimes it's the person next to you who strengthens your experience of the event by offering their thoughts.  In this ‘temporary community’ the networking and conversations with like-minded professionals also proves useful. Sharing of best practice is something that should be considered as increasingly vital, as part of our overall business development strategies.

Future proofing

The buzz word of the moment, across industries, have to be ‘innovation’ and what that means in terms of integrating into future marketing initiatives.  The future, and planning for it, is bigger than ever before. Everyone wants the 'next big thing' that will differentiate them from the competition, or even allow them to just remain competitive in an ever-changing, and what could even be considered daunting, future retail landscape.

Conferences, seminars and events are a key part of gathering the learnings, that will help you get the next big thing, stay competitive and help you grow your clients' business, and your own. 

Join us at our next conference, the Future of Shopping , 18th June. Your clients will thank you for it!

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