Adrian’s Tour de France challenge – riding all 21 stages of the route, a total of 2,162 miles – will finish on Sunday 14th July in Paris, so the countdown to the end has now started. He’s been keeping everyone up to date with progress in his daily blogs and sharing the experience via his videos and photos. We’re all amazed at the distances being put in every day – mileage that most of us don’t do every day in a car, let alone on a bike! And having the energy, motivation and dedication to keep getting up and onto the bike day after day is outstanding.

His challenge started on Saturday 22nd June in Corsica when a team of 80 cyclists left to ride the Tour de France route, one week ahead of the pro’s. The event has been organised by Tour de Force and 40 of the cyclists will complete all stages of the route – Adrian is one of these, known as ‘Lifers’.


The aim of the challenge is to raise much-needed funds for the William Wates Memorial Trust, a charity that helps the most disadvantaged young people. The charity was set up to celebrate the life of William Wates, who was tragically killed when traveling in South Africa and one of the highlights of the tour for Adrian was stage 5 when William’s parents waved the team off and his father, Andrew, cycled part of the way with them.

You can support Adrian by sponsoring him, as well as commenting on his blogs and encouraging him along the way!  

We’re looking forward to welcoming Adrian back into the office and hearing all about his adventure.