...and are now ready to announce who will receive the £500 present from under Blueleaf's Christmas tree.

It was such a tough decision as there were so many suggestions of worthy causes but in the end the elves settled on giving the money to James Cheetham - an 8 year-old boy with a condition called Bronchiectasis.

James was diagnosed with this illness as a baby and it means that he is prone to infections and can't clear his lungs himself. He has to have physiotherapy twice a day, which he hates and needs antibiotic injections for two whole weeks every three months. As his veins can't hold needles, he has had to have a portacath inserted in his chest, which allows his medicine to enter directly into his main vein. This means that he can't play any contact games because if the portacath gets knocked it can be very dangerous.

James' family and friends have been working really hard to raise funds to buy an Airways vest for James which makes physiotherapy easier and to also take him to a clinic in Minnesota, USA which may be able to help him. With the funds raised so far, they have been able to buy the vest but need another £5,000 at least to take James to the clinic. His family have spoken to the clinic and hope to have an appointment date soon for some time in February.

James' story and the courage, commitment and positivity of the Cheetham family and friends deeply moved the team. We hope that James will keep in touch as we are looking forward to hearing how he gets on. If you'd like to read more about James, his family and fundraising events for this worthy cause, please click here

We would really have liked to give the money to everyone but as this isn't possible we are putting our heads together to come up with some ideas to help the other worthy causes in different ways. We'd like to thank everyone who made a suggestion and watch this space!