For too long the BBC has been playing catch up with web technology. They have been catching up with Channel 4 and other outfits and not really utilising the power of the Internet.

Now they are. Generally the market for TV programming and the Internet are merging and will continue to until there is just one solution for all your video needs – normally in the form of a media centre machine. These machines are already quite popular but will gain further pace as the two mediums coincide. The BBC has launched it's iPlayer to the public and it's bedding in well – a useful service that to a certain extent leapfrogs a lot of the competition.

Add to this their new homepage. You either love or hate this new home page. Some say it's terribly designed, some people love it's simplicity. Whatever you think to the look, the underlying principles are exactly the way forwards for the BBC. They have so much content that personalising and localising it immediately makes it so much more relevant for visitors to the site, and will give them superb feedback on their user bases preferences and location.

Well done the BBC, I'm glad you're back on form.