Our talented Tester Angel explains why testing is so important, what testing actually is and what you or your client can gain from a thoroughly tested website. Angel will also share a little about his experience because the good news is that Angel could be available to work on your site if you’re in need of a first-rate tester. Which let’s face it, we all are.

Over to Angel...

Can you tell us a little bit about what testing is all about and why it's so important?

I'm pleased you've said that testing is very important, it really is. If we think about testing in terms of life, imagine if we all had Testers standing by us every day telling us 'try X and you'll see these results" or "don't do Y" - we'd never burn our fingers on the oven ever again. This is essentially what a Tester does for an eCommerce site. The Tester is quality assurance;  they make sure that whatever our customers do and wherever they click, they'll never end up in the wrong place and get frustrated and leave the website - you could say they'll never 'burn their fingers'. As the Testers have already tested and then eradicated every potential issue or stumbling block it's a smooth and easy experience for the customer. I like to think of us Testers as the oven gloves.

How long have you been testing for, and which sites have you worked on? 

I've been Testing, or as some say providing Quality Assurance, for over 2 years now. In this time I've worked on internal systems and eCommerce sites including Laura Ashley, Bonmarché, Life Style Sports, Red Bull, YUMI, BBC Shop, MadBId,  Hockenheimring and SmartHub. 

Outside of testing, what do you like to get up to. Any hobbies? 

I'm pleased to say that my life outside of testing is very full. I'm a big sports fan, particularly football. I can't imagine life without it although, I would like a Tester beside me to prevent any injuries! I also enjoy cooking and playing video games. Video games is perhaps my least healthy hobby but I do enjoy most things tech-related. 

Would you to know more about the importance of testing or perhaps you'd like to see about Angel helping out on one of your projects? If so we'd love to hear from you. Simply drop us a line at hello@blue-leaf.co. uk