It’s been a busy month for Blueleaf UX Director, Chris Jones. After speaking at the E-Commerce conference in Cyprus at the end of May, last week he jetted over to Romania to speak at the TeCOMM Conference. He delivered a talk on why customer experience is the backbone to any world-class ecommerce business for over 250 ecommerce professionals.  

Below Chris shares some of the key ideas and themes that came out of the respected conference, and below that you can take a peek at Chris’s presentation – which we’re proud to say was received to rave reviews.

Over to Chris

The Tecomm Ecommerce Conference is run biannually in Romania in their two principle cities, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. I spoke in Cluj in 2014, so was delighted to be asked back to speak in Bucharest. Although Romania is a comparatively small country and economy, they have a vibrant ecommerce industry and an education system that is placing great importance on web development, consequently turning out a lot of talented developers.

Tecomm is predominantly attended by retailers wishing to learn how to grow their businesses online. The theme for the event was "power to the customers" and this really shone through with the topics of discussion and the presentations including my own, which was about world-class ecommerce UX. The overwhelming message was that it's very much customers who are in charge, deciding how they want to interact with retailers and which channels to use at each point in their customer journey. Retailers must remain responsive and agile, ready to learn from and listen to their customers, and also happy to constantly try new things to stay ahead of competitors.

There was also a lot of talk around personalisation, from how Facebook are able to serve thousands of ad variations to their customers, to how ecommerce sites can offer truly unique experiences depending on previous browsing or purchases.

My own presentation focused on ecommerce features and functionality that we've designed that have worked well for retailers and also on how ecommerce sites fit in the wider customer experience context. I also talked a lot about the growth of mobile in the last couple of years.

It's a genuine pleasure to attend these events and share experiences. I'm always left feeling that wherever you go in the world, ecommerce businesses and professionals are all facing the same challenges and looking to take full advantage of the opportunities which undoubtedly exist.

Chris's Presentation 

You can view Chris' presentation below, Chris will share:

  • Why user experience is so important, what your customers expect and what makes a mind-blowing experience
  • Simple steps to improve UX on your website
  • How to continually assess and improve your website
  • Examples of who’s getting it right – what they’re doing and why it’s working