We are delighted that we have been commissioned by Tate to review and improve the user experience across their online shop. Tate has world-respected art galleries in Liverpool, London and St Ives, they are also involved in numerous international projects.

The ecommerce website is on the Venda platform and we have a great deal of experience working with this platform and introducing bespoke solutions to fit alongside Venda’s existing framework. We will use this extensive knowledge to hit the main aim of the project, which is to improve user experience and to therefore increase conversion. The improved site will go live this October.

We have started the project by conducting an audit of the existing ecommerce website, applying our specialist knowledge and analytics skills to fully review user experience, assessing what is working, where online shoppers are seeing stumbling blocks and where sales are dropping off. 

We used these insights to make recommendations and are now in the process of shaping and honing the customer journey, removing obstacles to sales and improving the overall look and usability of the site. Part of the improvements will make the website adaptive to tablet and mobile devises. 

Clare Kelly, Ecommerce Manager at Tate,  commented: 

"Blueleaf have been a great team to work with. They made lots of recommendations for how we could improve the user experience alongside the adaptive project. Once the changes go live we’re looking forward to seeing is an increase in conversion rate, particularly on mobile and tablet, as we go into peak. We also hope to see an increase in print sales as we’ll have made our ever-growing selection easier to search and browse."

Blueleaf, Managing Director Rob Smith added:

 "We're delighted to be working on this project with the team at Tate. User experience is a key area of expertise for us, and after producing our initial review of the Tate shop, we feel we can add a great deal of value to the site. We're excited to get stuck in, see our ideas come to fruition and let Tate and their customers enjoy the benefits."

Watch this space for more news in the future about this exciting project!