The kind of RAM we usually handle at Blueleaf goes into our Macs to make them run faster. However, it was the black woolly kind that Digital Director, Rob Smith and Creative Director, Chris Jones were grappling with this afternoon.

One of the joys of being based in the countryside is that we share our office grounds with various four legged friends. We’re quite fond of the black sheep in the field next to the car park, so were horrified to find that one of them was tangled up in the netting on the goalposts which had been left in the field after penalty practice. Cue Rob and Chris jumping into action with a strong pair of hands and a sharp pair of scissors. Chris deftly took control of the dangerous end of the sheep by grabbing the horns and wrestling the sheep to the ground (not the first time a Jones has done this we suspect), whilst Rob set about freeing the poor animal by cutting through the netting, whilst its friends looked on disinterestedly munching grass.

The sheep was soon scampering off across the field, completely unharmed we’re glad to report. Sadly, the same can’t be said of the goal netting which now has a distinctly sheep-shaped hole cut into it.

Suggestions for football related names for the sheep via the reply box below please and just so you know, we’ve already had Alf Ramsey mentioned.

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