Life Style Sports is the leading sportswear retailer in Ireland with over 35 years of history. We have worked with them for a number of years now, including implementation of the move over to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform last year.

We have recently completed a further phase of work to enhance the new platform, providing an improved experience for customers, as well as helping them to gain better control of the site and enabling deeper fraud functionality.

As part of this project, Lazyload was brought in to improve the performance of pages heavy on images, such as the home page, feature pages and product list pages, although from the customer’s point of view, no difference is seen with presentation of the site. Initial results from the implementation of this are very impressive, showing a decrease in load time and page size of nearly 50% in some cases.


To enhance the site for customers, jersey printing was introduced, giving the ability to add a favourite player’s name, your own name or someone’s else name to several of the jerseys available. This includes printing any name and number onto the jerseys of most Premier League teams, as well as the Republic of Ireland kit.

Better fraud integration was also a significant part of the project. Life Style Sports were using the Revenue Protect tool from Adyen. On top of this we started sending much more detail to Adyen to allow greater sophistication in the tool. We also implemented an ‘On Hold’ status so that orders that look suspect could be held in Adyen for manual review by customer service. On release in Adyen, Commerce Cloud picked the orders up and continued processing.

We have several things in the pipeline that we're now working on with Life Style Sports, bringing continuous improvements to their site - we'll let you know about the next exciting development when it launches. In the meantime, you can view the site here.