/news/news-alliance_large.png Command is the Content Management System (CMS) from Blueleaf. It provides our clients with the ability to manage their own websites without the involvement (or cost) of an external web agency.

It’s through this system that we empowered Alliance Wakeboard to include all of the content on their wishlist without blowing their budget – and they didn’t hold back.

If you visit their website www.alliancewake.co.uk, you’ll see a packed homepage with regularly updated content. From there, you can read several blogs from multiple authors, catch up on all their news, read a choice of articles, visit the streaming video gallery, download some great photos from the flickr integrated photo gallery, check out the latest events, and shop in the comfort of the online store.

Command makes this possible by allowing the client to add and remove content whenever they want and as often as they like.

If you’d like us to help you take Command of your website, call Rob on 01829 260 600 or email rob@blue-leaf.co.uk.