Adrian Lomas, MD of Blueleaf and Olivia Stefanino, author of “Be Your Own Guru”, joined forces recently at a Business Network Chester event to offer tips, advice and techniques to local businesses. Olivia provided the techniques and tips and Adrian demonstrated that using these techniques has proved highly successful for Blueleaf. The seminar entitled, “Successful companies employ successful individuals", looked at how the recession is providing businesses with an opportunity to take stock, investigate what's working - and drop what’s not - all with some helpful hints, tips and techniques to make the journey smoother and quicker.

Olivia has worked with both large organisations and smaller companies, helping them to improve profits and reduce stress. In her book, she shares the story of a pilot project with a high street bank in which her innovative techniques helped their sales team to improve profits by a massive 330% and reduce absenteeism. Local companies working with Olivia have also seen dramatic results – for example, a Chester-based restaurant owner was amazed to find profits had quadrupled in less than six months by using some of Olivia's techniques. Described by people who’ve been through her programmes as “a change maker”, “a business intuitive” and “enlightening”, Olivia’s proven system guarantees to help business people reach their full potential. For more information about how Olivia can help you click here.