Rest stop

Stage 3 - 145.5km


The Tour de France organisers rubbed their hands with glee when they compiled this stage. Apparently it's the first stage to have no flat sections. It was either up or down all the way.

If you watch the tour on TV from next Saturday, the first stage will more than likely be a sprint (come on Cav) - so you just need to watch the finish. Stage 2 will then break up a bit with the horrible sting at the end plus the nasty descent. Today's stage will be well worth watching for the views, I'm sure the helicopters will be out in force.

We rode more sedately today - at some stages I just rode alone taking in the experience. Right at the end came another nasty climb, listed as 3km at over 8% average, however the first half was more gentle so the second half more like 12% (and longer than a few kms). Cracking descent and run into Calvi where we are now congregating on the harbour waiting for our overnight ferry to Nice. We board at 7pm and land at 7am then straight out to do the time trial. So the rest of the day today will be resting and sorting any odd jobs like stocking up with any cycling products at the local shop. And I think some rice pudding...:-)

Here's a short video showing today's route Day 3 review and a longer video showing some of the downhill sections Day 3 - Downhill. And a few photos!

IMG_1553 IMG_1555 IMG_1566