The Time Trial stage - what this means is that we are let off at set intervals, we went at 30 second intervals, and ride it as hard as we can. Being fair, we are not racing so most just rode it like a normal ride, and  this was a wise call as the roads were amazing. The day before, I hadn't really opened the legs up hard, so today I thought I’d give it full beans. Glad I did, but it was bloody tough. From the start it was straight up for about 6km, some tough climbing. Then a cracking winding descent, which I filmed the whole time. I will post it if you are interested - it's quite hair raising, as I did push it to the limit.

Once reaching the bottom it was straight back up another mountain. The scenery again was out of this world, I really loved it. I did take it in even though I was pushing on hard, even managed a little jibe at one of the other riders from earlier banter, by overtaking him uphill, while pretending to be on my phone, none-handed. He gave the right response back - thanks Larry.

This was a long climb, hot, tiring, and misleading. The signs said 8km to the top, but after only about 4km, we thankfully turned off and headed down to the finish in Chorges. Rest of the day was then spent in Chorges, looking for WiFi again, and generally looking forward to what is going to be a damned hard 3 days in the Alpes. It’s going to be an epic final few days.

Here's the video from today Stage 17 review and a big "Thank You" to John Heath Insurance Brokers for sponsoring this stage!