Stage 13 - 173km

Heading south west as we are, it's gone from being very British back to being French, you can almost feel the change with each pedal rev. Today (Friday) started warm and just got warmer, a much welcome relief from the rain of the Britanny stage.

Again a flat stage, shorter than yesterday so a gentle day of 105 miles to rattle through. Very open and breezy at times and we worked together in a large group to fly down the country in good time.

Even though it was quite flat, the fauna was staggering - lots of wonderful large fields with poppies and other flowers in them. However I'm gutted. In fact really quite disappointed. Not one sunflower has been seen. In fact, if I get to Paris without seeing any sunflowers, I might do another loop.

Click here to see the stats from today's stage and the video can be seen here Stage 13 review.

Today's thank you goes to Fresh Event Hire for sponsoring stage 13.

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