Sitecore .NET content management system logo As a Gartner accredited leader in the Content Management market, Sitecore is a powerful and highly extensible system that allows companies to have a powerful web presence, with all the features you expect from an enterprise level content management system:

  • Easy to use 'Office' style interface for marketing teams
  • Real time content personlisation
  • Advanced analytics and SEO tools
  • Advanced permissions and security
  • Workflow for approval of content
  • Easy reuse of content across the site and channels (e.g. mobile)
  • Easy versioning for audit trails
  • Closed source, well supported, commercial application

For more information on the features available, you can visit the Sitecore website. As a Sitecore partner, we can help you scope, design and build your website using the expertise we have gained with our clients, be it in the realm of content management, lead generation or ecommerce.


So what's this amazing offer?

This is the really exciting part. We've joined Sitecore's P3 programme (which is available for UK customers only) which allows us to offer new clients who have not used Sitecore before the opportunity to get an amazing deal on your Sitecore project. We can do a Sitecore project for much less than your might expect - there are certain eligibility criteria - please get in touch so we can confirm whether you're OK to receive this.

There are lots of questions you may have about this programme and instead of answering them here, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. This will enable many more of our clients and new clients to get on board with market leading technology, for a fraction of the cost.


I'd love to talk to you a bit further

Great! Please fill in the quick form below or call 01829 260 600 and ask for Rob or Adrian.