Our monthly roundup of everything on the web that the Blueleaf team deem worthy of showcasing. The good, the bad and the ugly but largely the awesome. Remember you can join in too using #blShowTell on Twitter or on our Facebook page.


Getting the freshest and tastiest food products delivered straight to your door has never been easier, not only because of the farmdrop concept but because their website is a dream to use. The UX on this site ticks every box; it's simple, informative and quick. We love it.

Pokemon in the Real World

We're fascinated by the idea of using augmented reality in a video game and curious to see where this trend leads. Watch this space, and this video, about a new Pokemon game by Nintendo.


The everyday is about to get more beautiful. Lapaka have been acquired by airbnb and their mission is simple - to beautify medical and environmental technology, from their breathalyzer to their radiation sensor. What an exciting and long-overdue concept.

Beat Box Academy

We've got a site for you if you were born in the 80s, the 80s! Beat Boxing fun online. Warning, click this link and your afternoon's productivity is sure to drop.

Get Peanutised

Peanut are responsible for Charlie Brown and Snoopy and you can now create your own avatar in the style of a 'Peanut' character. OK, so it's not life-changing but it's at least 5 minutes of fun.


Effortless website publishing with easy-to-use Git hosting and continuous delivery tools. Comes with tonnes of little features that help you be more productive and efficient. Oh and it's completely free!