Our monthly roundup of everything on the web that the Blueleaf team deem worthy of showcasing. The good, the bad and the ugly but largely the awesome. Remember you can join in too using #blShowTell on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Spotify, A Year In Music

Ever wondered what the soundtrack to your life would sound like? Spotify are helping you find out, with their interactive celebration of the year in music, politics and culture - all personalised to you. Simply log in for your own year in music.

Unfit Bits

You may be on a January health kick, or perhaps like the Blueleaf team, you're having a fitness competition with your colleagues. Well if you got home late last night to pizza rather than push ups, help is at hand. These clever machines will suggest you did 20k...from the comfort of your sofa.

Field Research at Uber

In this article, Uber discuss their field research and why nothing beats getting out there and observing customers in their typical environment. A fascinating read about the lengths they go to, to get honest and reliable user insights. Inspiring stuff.

Aesop 'The Fabulist'

By now, we're all well-honed with the idea that content can build brands, create thought leaders and ultimately sell more stuff! But few do it as eloquently as Aesop and their rather high-brow blog, 'The Fabulist'. This list features the brand's favourite literature, poems, hotels and even radio programmes.

Lightsaber Escape

Google has teamed up with Disney’s Lucasfilm to create Lightsaber Escape, a browser-based game that utilises both your phone and your desktop browser. This combination makes it perfect for playing at your desk (after hours of course).

Tympanus Seat Preview

Pre-booking your seat at the cinema is nothing new but the exact view you'll have is still a bit of a gamble. Until now. Tympanus carried out an experiment to create 3D simulations of the cinema, which even factor in the amount we can turn our heads! The perfect tool for booking the perfect seat!