For those of you who don't know me, I'm Pete, one of the senior developers at Blueleaf and this is the first of many posts I'll be writing over the coming months. To tell you a bit about me - I'm the type of person who doesn't like doing the same thing over and over again and I love well designed, well structured, and cutting edge websites. In a nutshell, I don't like seeing the web standing still. I like to be in sync with the next big thing in web design (Parallax, responsive, CSS3 animation, HTML5, Canvas, and so on). With this in mind I've started to crawl trendy blogs regularly and send the occasional link to the other Blueleafers. The whole nature of emailing people these links in dribs and drabs was however, a mundane task for me and I'm sure that the rest of the team were starting to get a bit cheesed off with their cluttered inbox of "useful links" and "interesting articles". So, after a few chats with the big boys at Blueleaf I thought, "Hold fire... let's get this accumulated into one place and hold a little get together once a week."

'Show & Tell' was born

This is the title (original, I know!) that we gave our weekly get-together where we showed each other the cool stuff we'd found on the web over the last week. The big thing about creating this get-together is that it's not just me who's dictating what we're looking at but the whole team. This meant that we started to get deeper into the workings of the web, not just pretty sites with spinning windmills but also useful software, SEO techniques, UX articles and the occasional random video of a robot shopping trolley.

It's been great. We're onto week 37 now of 'Show & Tell' and we're still finding some really good stuff out there... plus the occasional bad thing, which leads me onto the occasional 'themed' 'Show & Tell'.

Not everything out there on the web is good so I thought let's have a week where we point out things which really bug us on the web. It was a great exercise as it wasn't just random sites being sent back but we were also getting feedback on our clients' sites, such as the checkout button not standing out well enough.

You can't have the Yin without the Yang so of course there was also a happy edition of 'Show & Tell', as well as other themes including:

  1. Responsive edition
  2. Bad edition
  3. Happy edition
  4. Reading edition

And we're planning on doing plenty more. Do you have any ideas readers?

So, why do we do this? Because to be cutting edge we have to keep on track with what's going on out there.

It's worth giving it a go yourselves. I'm sure it's a viable thing to do with most businesses. 15 minutes a week could plant the seed for some amazing ideas.

Peter Smith @vonschmytt