Our monthly roundup of everything on the web that the Blueleaf team deem worthy of showcasing. The good, the bad and the ugly but largely the awesome. Remember you can join in too using #blShowTell on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Yousician Guitar

The fast and fun way to master guitar playing. No extra equipment needed, other than your electric or acoustic guitar and a computer. No wonder it's gained 25 million users worldwide.

The Kerning Game

If you think you have a designer's eye for fonts and spacing, why not put it to the test with this fun, and at times a little frustrating, game?

Emotion Recognition

A new level in the relationship between humans and computers. Our computers can now tell how we're feeling in specific photos and can then attribute an emoji that's best suited to our mood.

Palace Skateboards

We all know content can help build brands and sell products but this extreme sports retailer has taken their content to an extreme. Love it or hate it, it certainly challenges traditional notions of what sells.