Airbnb takes a sentimental and beautifully designed look at the notion of community. The result is a lovely animation supporting the brand's focus.

Bang and Olufsen

We've been drooling over Bang and Olufsen's products for a while, we're now drooling over their website too. Product site design at its very best and most engaging.

Yara N Yared

We're loving the design on this new album website, even though it did take us a little while to work out what the website was for. Who cares? It's lovely.

Little Black Classics

We love this concept by Penguin, encouraging people to read the classics for just 80p. Great way to inject some culture. We're very fond of the design of the books too.


Many websites battle with the balance between product and content. We love the way this site's been designed in blocks, making it easy to make purchases or explore the brand's "worship" of cycling.


Enjoy 1000 chrome experiments, all from 1 link. These experiments are by creative coders worldwide. Warning, you could lose hours on this site.