Welcome to the February edition of Show & Tell. Here's a few things that have been catching our eye, good and bad, out there on the web.

Adobe Inspire Magazine

Adobe Inspire Magazine is a free magazine that contains original content geared toward informing, enlightening and inspiring creative professionals and hobbyists. The iPad app is particularly cool.

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BBC Taster

New taster site from BBC, encouraging you to try something new. Clever categories can help you find the right content quickly - what are you in the mood for today?

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With trello, you can say goodbye to lengthy email threads, spreadsheets, sticky notes and clunky software. Trello allows you to manage your projects visually, so you can see everything at a glance. We're raving fans.

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Concerned you're not getting the cheapest price? Fear no more - this website promises to offer you the cheapest deal on Amazon.

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The clean, simple look of this site really emphasises the product, coupled with great photography that allows you to see the bags from various angles, including inside! And the ‘goes well with’ section encourages additional purchases. We're in love with the site and the products.

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FS Millbank

Believe it or not this link was submitted by our finance manager Janine. She loves the transitions, showing nice design isn't only appreciated by designers.

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