Emoji as password replacement?

Here at Blueleaf we're partial to the odd emoji. Who doesn't like sending and receiving a smiley face? Soon emojis could be used for more than making someone smile, as UK banks have realised they hold security benefits too.

5 things web designers can learn from video games

Here's the news you've been waiting for - it turns out video games are good for you after all, or at least they are if you're a developer. Read on to find out what video games can teach developers.

Visit Jurassic World!

To tie in with the Jurassic World movie launch, this fake theme park has been brought to life online. With T-Rex feeding times and live queue information you'd be forgiven for thinking it's real. To be honest, we're a bit disappointed it's not. 

Social Cycling For the Solo Cyclist.

Fancy a bike ride but don't fancy braving the elements? This indoor bike simulator will have you riding through a sunny meadow in December. It should keep some cycling enthusiasts happy and dare we say it, it should keep some motorists happy too. 

Tower of imagination

Playing with Duplo whilst supporting unicef, what's not to like? You may have seen the tweet of the Blueleaf 'tower of imagination', why not have a go at building your own? Unfortunately time is up to participate but it's still worth a look. 

Meet Dorothy

You'll thank us for this link. With Dorothy's in-shoe technology, you need never have an awkward date again, simply click your heels and you're out of there.