Adrians Half Waxed Legs

Half the job done In case you're not aware, cyclists in the competitive sense tend to shave their legs.  So is my event classed as competitive, and should I shave my legs?  Well being fair, when I used to race I did, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes to how you feel, and dare I say, how you look!  A cyclist with two big thundering hairy legs is nowhere near as stylish as a clean shaven pair. In my opinion anyway (and my wife’s.)

In order to make life easier, I decided to go down the waxing route for this event. OMG, you women have got a high threshold of pain if that’s anything to go by. I think the beautician enjoyed herself, putting more wax on and really ripping the suckers off. Clumps of precious hair ripped mercifully from my quivvering legs.

Oh well, the result is that I'm lighter - well I feel lighter at least - and it should make looking after them a much easier process while on my event. The rationale is that it's better for massage, better if you get any road rash from crashes and it looks better, if you’re wondering why I put myself through this. The picture shows half the legs done by the way - (I needed a break halfway through but they have been completely waxed!)