As a relative "newby" to the Blueleaf team – and having worked in a variety of companies where it was every man or woman for themselves – I wanted to write about how sharing can really drive your business. Our directors, Adrian and Rob, have developed a culture within the company of helping and supporting not only clients and us Blueleafers, but also partners and other companies too. We've shared online, on the phone and even at other people's events, gaining some great contacts and referrals along the way. In fact, our top 10 customers have all come via referrals from events.

As part of this philosophy, we ran our first seminar last week to share our expertise with the local business community. It was LOTS of fun and we've had some great feedback (see below). The video of the seminar is nearly ready, so if you couldn't make it, you won't have missed out altogether.

Watch this space as the next event is in the planning!

"You guys nailed the event today! I personally found the whole event useful, Rob did a fantastic job of the seminar, the content and clarity of the information he provided was excellent. The activity with the three websites in an envelope was very creative and got the whole audience thinking and drove the message home very powerfully. It was a fantastic opportunity for people to make new connections and everyone I spoke to was very impressed with Blueleaf. Your values of being a helpful company shone through, the tone and delivery of the information and the way your whole team approached the event made us feel that we were getting high quality, helpful advice for free!” - Colin Mottram, Lenzflare

"Thanks again for the great seminar Blueleaf laid on this week – it was really informative (and entertaining!)" Helen Rae, Helen Rae Photography

"Can I just say a very big thank you on behalf of Jen and myself for inviting us to your event this week. Very thought provoking. Loved it all." Glynis Ward, Project One

"Thank you for an excellent seminar this morning. From the initial point of contact via your invitation, you have managed this process in your typical professional and personal manner. The venue was very high quality, your welcome was warm and pleasant and your organised approach ensured the event felt smooth for me as a guest. You ensured your guests sensed you genuinely wanted to help and support them to grow their business by sharing your knowledge. Rob articulated his presentation in a personable and engaging manner. Your creative design of the brochure ensured that key points were supported by memorable visuals, I’m a visual individual and this benefited my retention. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and goodwill today." Paul Daniels, The best of Chester

"Just to say thank you to you and everyone at Blueleaf for this morning's seminar. I found it most informative and Rob's 'tips' very interesting." Carol Rowley, Leek United Building Society

"Thank you SO much for a really good meeting – I learned a lot and made some good contacts. I have organised my Cheerleader and will soon be revitalised rather than remaining a rotting corpse!" - Diana Mathers, Public Image Inc

" Great meeting yesterday. Rob was totally engaging from start to finish, it was the best meeting I have been to in ages!" - James Russell, James Russell Photography