There’s a growing emergence of a new sector that everyone who runs a company that deals with either products or services should pay attention to – service design. In the western world, a lot of our economy now is driven by service provision – over 75% in the US. There is a continuing trend to try and productise our services into boxes to sell our clients. Service design is the opposite of this. It is considering every existing service, and existing product as an ongoing service with the client.

Take the mortgage situation for example. Mortgages should be seen as a service, a lifelong service with a client where the financial institution takes the time to understand the client and work with them. How about a mortgage service where in good times it allows you pay a lot more (as you have more cash available) but then if you lose employment temporarily you can hold a few payments to make sure you can make ends meet? Over a 5 year period, what’s two months payments? If mortgages were thought about from the clients’ point of view - as a service that was designed to help them – imagine how different a ‘mortgage’ looks. What do we have right now instead? Short term, confused and often overly complicated products that pigeon hole people as much as possible and are about the numbers – people are numbers.

From Blueleaf’s point of view what does this mean? It means a continuation of what we already do and making our service even better. We’ll be asking our clients what they believe is great about our service and how we can improve, as we always do. All of our clients’ work comes from getting a fundamental understanding of who they are both as people and organisations, and working with them to achieve their goals.

Marketing is not a product, email marketing is not a product, nor is anything else we ‘sell’ - they all are a tool in our box that we use in order to create results for you.

So the next time someone tries to force you or your organisation into one ‘product’ - think about whether there’s another way that you could get a well designed service instead.