This week’s Commerce Cloud Condensed is slightly different - it's an invite to an event we're co-hosting after the Salesforce World Tour this month.

What is it?

Hopefully, you've signed up and are planning to attend the Salesforce World Tour event at the Excel Centre in London on 23rd May. After this, Blueleaf and our alliance Partner OSF are hosting a get-together on a large boat moored next to the main exit, and we would like to invite you as our guest.

Why do I care?

Simply because we'll have so many like-minded people on board, straight after the event, and it would be good to meet for a few hours socially. We've booked the nibbles and drinks, and hopefully the weather as well. We have some presentations worth seeing, and what's better than doing this on a boat moored on the Thames?

What do I need to know?

Simply click here for more information and to sign up, and if you have any relevant contacts you feel would like to attend, please do let us know.