UX designer Vicky Walsh shares her insights into what we can expect to rock the UX world this year. Over to Vicky...

Wearable and beyond

The massive shift to wearable devices over the past 12 months has seen an incredible change in the way we work, communicate and even exercise – and this is only set to continue in 2015.

Experiences will not only continue to scale down into personal devices but also grow into full sized instore shopping experiences, giving users the chance to fully interact with retail at its best. Whether instore or online, interactive shopping guides and ‘scan and go’ are just a few of the things set to massively hit stores this year, unifying a full retail experience for every shopper.

The rise of click and collect

Click and collect has been around for many years and is definitely not something new – but what is changing is the increasing number of users opting for instore collection over more conventional delivery options. John Lewis have just reported that click and collect outstripped home delivery for the first time over Christmas.

With the nature of digital, users continually demand faster, more streamlined services, which has naturally led to stores and digital now starting to work even closer together to create the perfect shopping experience. 2015 will see click and collect expand into an even better user experience, meaning more happy customers and importantly, more natural opportunities to generate further sales upon collection.

Who knows, with the increase of customer demand for ‘instant’, by 2016 we may even be collecting our purchases from our 3D printers instead!

Content, content, content

2015 will also see a rise in how content and ecommerce work together to change our shopping habits. For many brands this doesn’t just mean regularly sprucing up product descriptions, but creating organic shoppable content where products are being brought to life more and more through social platforms and community sharing. Referral and word of mouth is always imperative to any retail brand, so what better way to gain traction in sales than through others showcasing your products to friends and family online!

A perfect example of this is ASOS, where sales are being driven through social platforms by simply sharing your own look via #asseenonme

Social engagement and organic content will change the way we shop and experience brands online and will definitely be a trend for the year ahead.

The death of design

Okay, so ‘death’ may be a little dramatic, but the way design is reacting and adapting to the customer journey means that we are no longer just designing something that looks great, but the experience and interactions behind it as well – after all, the devil is in the detail!

Aided by user testing and AB testing, design is fast becoming more and more about evolution not revolution too – and so the micro UX approach helps keep the focus on incremental, user-focused improvements, which continually support and enhance conversions.

So there we have it - 2015 will be the year of evolving and adapting to the user’s ever-changing browsing habits, both online and offline and creating an even more seamless experience.