Managing Director of Blueleaf, Rob Smith, has had his Apple Watch for two months now. In this candid review Rob shares the great, the terrible and the indifferent features and functions. Is the Apple Watch going to revolutionise retail? Here's Rob's thoughts.

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If you'd rather read about the Apple Watch than watch the video, then we've transcribed it for you below, enjoy: 

Hello, I'm Rob Smith MD of Blueleaf and in this video I share my experiences so far of the Apple Watch. I've had my watch for a couple of months now and I'll discuss, in my opinion, what's good, what's bad and what I'm very indifferent about. 

To be honest, I haven't been blown away by it yet. When I first put it on, I realised quickly that it's a very limited device. One of the reasons for this is that the app ecosystem around it is pretty immature. If you think back to when the iPhone was originally released, that also wasn't the greatest experience. Not just because of the speed of the phone but because there weren't that many great apps available. Now, that ecosystem has matured so heavily that they're fantastic devices and of course Android among others have caught up. So my first point is that the watch is lacking those killer apps. 

Apple Pay appeared in the UK quite recently and that has made the Apple Watch more interesting. I do a lot of trips into central London and Apple Pay has been fantastic for this as I can pay for the underground with my watch. I can actually pay for a lot more things than I expected. The adoption of Apple Pay has been really quick and that's one of the key things I want to get across in this video; whenever Apple do something, the adoption is so much faster than any other device manufacturer. I think this is because the demographic want to use it quickly and therefore, those users almost demand it. So quickly places like Costa, Eat, and the underground have jumped on the Apple Pay bandwagon. That has made a big difference to how I use my Apple Watch and the benefits I'm seeing. 

Another important point is that it does drain my iPhone battery. I've only got an iPhone 5S and a lot of people have told me the battery is better on iPhone 6 upwards but for me, with my phone, battery life is a huge downfall. My phone battery was quite bad anyway, so with the Apple Watch it can be quite disconcerting how fast it runs out of battery. 

So if you are considering one of these devices I wouldn't necessarily be jumping wholeheartedly into it - cost vs killer apps is an issue. But if you love your convenience and spend quite a lot of time using contactless, then it is a usefully piece of kit. 

So that's my thoughts - less of a review, more of a few thoughts on my experience. I hope you found it useful. Thanks for listening.