Blueleaf MD, Rob Smith summarises the new changes to  Google Pay Per Click, including what it's likely to mean for your advertising spend.

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We've transcribed this video below, just in case you'd rather listen than watch:

Hi, I'm Rob Smith, MD of Blueleaf and today's Retail Roundup is a very short video explaining the recent changes to Google Pay Per Click. 

Most of you will have spotted that Google has made big changes. Normally, we don't do too much in the way of Pay Per Click and SEO marketing. We know our onions when it comes to what to do onsite but quite often we leave that to our trusted partners. However, the new changes are making such a big difference to retailers that I really want to highlight it. 

So the main difference is that Google has removed the sidebar of ads running down the right hand side of the screen. They were doing some tests on this for a while so we knew it might be coming but they've now implemented it and the ads have gone. With mobile the right hand side is less relevant anyway. 

For the big categories of ad space you'll generally now see four ads at the top of the page, then some news, then sometimes on the right you'll still see Google's shopping feeds. So it's very easy, as Dan Barker demonstrated with this image on Twitter, to see there are no organic listings above the fold of the page.


This is going to make a huge difference to: 

a) Google's revenue - it's going to be a big jump on their revenue because the most visible search results are all paid for. 
b) SEO rankings - you're going to need to run some form of auto pay per click to see any results.  

This is a really big change for retailers, so do have a look at it, question it with your Pay Per Click agency and see how it's going to affect you. It's going to affect where you spend your Pay Per Click budget.