In this week's Salesforce Commerce Cloud Condensed, we're talking about Reports and Dashboards.

What is it?

Within Business Manager, under Merchant Tools > Analytics, you should be able to see 'Reports and Dashboards (New!)' which takes you to a separate interface to look at some improved reporting tools for Commerce Cloud.

Why do I care?

Commerce Cloud's reporting tools have never been its strongest feature and this goes some way to addressing that. It's not a fully customised reporting package like a lot of our clients want (build your own report kind of thing) but it does surface some interesting areas that even Google Analytics isn't perfect on. As an example, the promotions reporting showing revenue impact is interesting and worth a look.

What do I need to know?

As it's a separate interface you need to have the right role and role scope defined inside your account, and your administrator may need to help you with that at your company or at Salesforce if you don't know who to go to internally. If you're a Blueleaf client you can of course ask us, as always. Then just hit the link from business manager and have an explore.

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