A recent survey has identified that 81% of online abandonment is totally ignored by retailers. Surely this is an area we can all focus on to make major improvements to our business.

The 12 month survey, conducted by Optilead tested 946 ecommerce sites for abandonment and found that only 19% of the tests were responded to.  

Online abandonment is an area we've focused on previously and one of the biggest reasons for basket abandonment is issues with delivery. These can be broken down into the following: not enough delivery options, the cost of delivery, length of time and so on. Research shows that half of consumers have abandoned a basket for one of these delivery-related reasons.

Previous research as part of the Econsultancy Multichannel Retail Survey showed that customers are demanding more flexibility in delivery options, and retailers need to offer this to increase conversions. The survey, conducted using the Toluna survey tool, found that 50% of respondents had abandoned a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options.

And I’m afraid it gets worse. If you get the delivery service itself wrong, 45% of customers will not shop with you again. However, here’s the good news. If you get it right, 96% of customers will shop with you even more often - for more stats, check out MetaPack’s Delivering Consumer Choice report and infographic here.

So if I had to pick one retailer as a shining example of excellent delivery performance on all fronts, who would it be?

ASOS might not be a major surprise. But when you get under the skin of it, they’re still impressive despite their size and apparent resources. They’re not just big, they’re also smart.

Continual progress in delivery                            

ASOS are not sitting on their laurels of what is already a good delivery proposition. They’re pushing it further and setting the agenda for other retailers to follow. Take their next day delivery - according to their latest annual report they pushed their cut off for next day delivery to midnight. That’s impressive by even Amazon standards of next day capability, and it always sparks a cascade of the same kind of offers on Next, House of Fraser and others. They also pushed their Sunday timings. What I like is the continual progression. They always want to make things better.

Returns and lack of stores

One of the big differences between ASOS and many other retailers is the sheer number of ways you can get products back to them. Many retailers offer a standard post it back service and one other service such as Collect+. ASOS offer the Post Office, Hermes, Doddle, Collect+, Pass my Parcel and Store return via Asda. That’s an incredible array of options that is sure to have at least one convenient choice for the customer. Superb effort to really dominate in this area.

Asos’s pre-tax profit increased by 18% to £21.2m for the six months to February 29 compared to the same period last year, thanks to strong retail sales both in the UK and internationally.

Source: Drapers

Summing up

ASOS just keep improving and are still hungry for making their customer service ever better. They don’t rely on existing networks, rather they continually try new things. I look forward to them exploring lockers and drones in the future. Watch this space.