All work and no play makes…well it makes for no fun. So here at Blueleaf we combined the two and took a bunch of Blueleafers to see the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot - the perfect opportunity for the team to see the event first-hand. If you follow @Bltweets then you may have seen some snaps from the day. The team got rather tweet happy but they’re forgiven because it’s a very exciting event.  Here’s some more images and videos from the day

However, it wasn’t all play and for our developers Simon and Darryl, there was some hard work involved. Simon and Darryl spent most of their day locked away in a bunker - OK, this sounds cruel but they're both passionate about Red Bull and we’re told they got invited to the after show party - so not such a raw deal after all.

We asked Simon a little more about what he got up to in the bunker…

Over to Simon

“Well the work starts long before bunker time. The homepage of the site changes dramatically around an hour before the race is broadcast live via a webcast. This draws the users towards the live event page. So my work starts a week before, when I programme this change and others across the site.  I then liaise with the Air Race team over the exact times for the changes.

I make sure all the pre-programmed changes happen when they should. Finally, I’m on hand to respond to any ad-hoc issues that may arise on the website. Social media channels allow users to report problems in real-time; these issues are fed directly to the Air Race content team, then they get passed onto me if I’m needed.

Unfortunately, I don’t globe trot with the Red Bull Air Race team and my work is usually done remotely. So Ascot was a great opportunity to observe first-hand how the content team work and to feel the buzz of a live press team".


Another Blueleafer who works on the Red Bull Air Race website is Senior Project Manager, Andrew Stanley. Here’s what Andrew said about the day:

"The whole office was hugely anticipating Red Bull Air Race at Ascot; we’re an office full of petrolheads who like fast things - cars, planes, bikes, you name it! Working on the site means we're privy to lots of pre-event content so I probably knew more about the event than most people. It met every expectation and was awesome fun! I know we’ll be back."