We're excited to announce a new client for Blueleaf, having just launched the 2012 website for Red Bull X-Fighters.

Red Bull chose us due to our experience of previous big brand work and our clear expertise in effective web design and build. Our brief was to evolve the X-Fighters brand for the 2012 season to make it even more exciting and engaging, reflecting the nature of the sport and we were also tasked with improving UX for site visitors and eliminating the reliance on Flash so that the site could be viewed on as many devices as possible.

The project included improving social integration (making better use of Red Bull's superb social presence), as well as focusing on better conversion to ticket sales and overall event prominence in the design. Due to the international nature of Red Bull, the site was designed with multi language assets and we worked with stakeholders across various continents to bring the project in on time and on budget, with multi language versions to come.

Red Bull were particularly pleased with the design style of the site and this is being adopted for promo campaigns around the world for Red Bull X-Fighters.

We're delighted to now be working on a second Red Bull project due to launch imminently and a third site which is currently at design stage.

Visit the new site at www.redbullxfighters.com