news/news-projectone-large.png Would you go to your mechanic for advice on your health complaints, or ask your doctor to take a look under your bonnet? The answer is hopefully no; we tend to leave things up to the professionals. So, how do you go about helping a company of change management experts manage change within their own organisation? The answer: let them do it themselves, and this is exactly what Blueleaf have set Project One up to do.

The Project One team came to Blueleaf in search of a new website, believing that their existing offering no longer reflected their business. Project One help companies manage change by taking lead roles on business critical programmes; they work closely with their clients from across a wide range of business sectors and tailor their service to the specific need – something they and Blueleaf have in common. Although they have an impressive client base including companies such as The Co-operative Group, United Utilities, Morrisons, Centrica and Skandia, the majority of their work currently comes via repeat business and word of mouth and so the challenge was to increase their presence and attract more business.

We helped Project One by working with the team to develop a website that more aptly represents the company, as well as providing clients and prospects with easy access to information about Project One and case studies about the work they do. And as the website is built using our content management system, Command, it can be easily updated and managed internally.

Project One now have a website they are proud of and which portrays the right image to their target audience – visit to find out more.