blogs/hardrock_big.gif What makes a good brand? You need to recognise the brand even when the logo is taken away - it's so much more than the logo.

In Paris recently, we visited the Hard Rock Cafe. As we approached, we saw the neon sign (an instant giveaway), but it was more than that. If you took away the sign, you still knew it was the Hard Rock Cafe - from the decoration, the way the music memorabilia was displayed on the walls, the atmosphere of the place, the way the staff greeted you. We had exactly the same experience in Orlando earlier this year and now want to visit every Hard Rock Cafe in the world - maybe Bali next?!

Do you believe that your company is much more than your logo? Do you create an entire brand experience for your customer? It’s essential to separate you from your competition, especially in more pressing times. It might be useful to you to read what our Creative Director Chris recently wrote on brands, you can download it by clicking here.