Customer care is paramount at Blueleaf. We're only happy when you are. To keep an eye on how we're doing, we recently conducted a client survey. On the whole, feedback was very positive, with many compliments received.

The first question asked was what single word came to mind when thinking of Blueleaf? Friendly, helpful and professional came up most often. Other words mentioned included investigative, innovative, fresh, compelling and quirky.

There were a variety of reasons why clients chose us in the first place, many having come to us through referral. People liked our approach and our team, feeling we would work well together. Quick response was also mentioned.

In terms of service, the great majority viewed this as good or excellent with words like 'responsive', 'thorough' and 'polished' used. In terms of creativity, most viewed this as good or excellent, with 'innovative' and 'different' mentioned.

What people like most about dealing with us seems to be our friendly approach and being easy to deal with. Responsiveness and consistency were also mentioned.

Many clients had not dealt with other agencies, so couldn't make any comparisons. Those that had, said we were proactive, more professional, not pushy, more responsive, had a down-to-earth approach and were infinitely better! Everyone who responded said they would recommend us and many have already done so.

All in all, we're pleased to report that we must be doing something right. Rest assured we won't be resting on our laurels in the new year though and will always be looking for ways to improve what we offer our clients.

Thanks to all those who took the time to take part in the survey.