It's been just over 2 weeks since the results for The Drum Digital Census 2014 were announced and we're still thrilled with our position. If you voted for us - thank you so much. Your support, through voting, has positioned us as number 1 in the peer poll for agencies in the under 25 headcount.  On top of this we’re number 3 in the elite poll, which takes into account rankings across the peer, financial and the client feedback polls.

I don't accept this lightly - there's an immense amount of talent across the UK. Individuals and companies are doing some amazing things in the world of digital so for us to be getting these results is totally awesome, thank you once again!

One of the key things that drives me personally, is helping people.  I love it if I'm given the chance to help, even if there’s no commercial gain. I share this with every team member that joins Blueleaf. It’s not just about being great at our jobs, it’s about the focus of helping others along the way - that could be members of the Blueleaf team, our clients or even people further afield.  I know Blueleaf wouldn’t be what it is today, with these types of results, if we didn’t have this mantra.

My view on helping others has extended to what people may call "competitors"; people who may work in or even lead digital companies like Blueleaf. In reality, they probably aren’t direct competitors; they may work in a slightly different space or follow a different passion. As long as we have similar values, it makes great sense to help and support each other where we can, rather than treat each other as enemies - something I've unfortunately encountered on numerous occasions.

This helping and sharing is not only positive for the individuals and the companies but it’s great for our industry overall. Through true collaboration we can help shape the future of digital.

Thank you for a third time if you voted, please do allow me to return the support where I can.

Adrian RT
Adrian RT