Did you know that Thursday 20th December is 'National Dress As An Elf To Work Day'?

What do you mean, you've never heard of it?

Well to be fair, it only applies to Blueleaf and in fact to only one member of our team. Question is, which one?


This is where we need your help. Please visit our Christmassy Facebook page and vote for the Blueleaf team member you'd most like to see forced to dress as an elf all day on 20th December.

You can also suggest things you'd like to see our elf do that day – make a brew round for the whole office, go on the lunchtime butty run, scare young children – and we'll post photos of the fun/embarrassment/arrests as they happen live on the 20th.

So come on, join the fun, it's Christmas and what's more Christmassy than helping us to humiliate one of our colleagues? Click here to vote.

A very Merry Christmas to one and all, The Blueleaf team x

P.S. Not on Facebook? Got no friends? No problem, you can Tweet the name of the person you'd like to dress as an elf to @bltweets, including the hashtag #blueleafelf

P.P.S. Not on Twitter either? How are you people living your lives?! We'd still love your vote, just email us back